Patient SMS Communications

Introducing a new way to reach our practice

Comprehensive Allergy and Asthma Care is committed to providing our patients with convenient access to our team, and we know that calling is not always easy for you. That’s why we now offer the ability for patients to reach out to us using messaging by Klara!

What is Klara?

Klara is a secure communication platform. The next time you need to reach us, you can text us directly rather than calling and waiting on hold or leaving a voicemail! Simply send a text to: 914-825-6077 and we will be able to get back to you faster than we’d be able to over the phone.

When we respond or reach out to you via text, you will receive a message with our practice name that asks you to click a link. After clicking the link, you will quickly verify your information and view the message. 

SMS will only work for current patients of Comprehensive Allergy and Asthma Care PLLC

You must use the phone registered with the practice in the patient's medical record, other phones will not work with our system.

Current Patients Sign-on to Klara SMS

Klara SMS Login


What are the benefits of Klara?

  • It’s faster to send a message instead of picking up the phone and waiting on hold
  • You can read messages from us instead of listening to voicemails and having to call back
  • You’ll have a record of your communication with us that you can reference at any time
  • You can securely send over images and files

What types of things can I message the practice about over Klara?

  • Scheduling or modifying appointments
  • Prescription refills or medication questions
  • Test and lab results
  • Medical questions about your health
  • Billing questions
  • And more!

We look forward to communicating with you better over Klara! 

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